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Above, we have a video that claims to prove that the Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, was in fact a massive hoax, staged as a means of providing pretense for taking away our guns, and with them, the rest of our civil liberties. It tracks closely with the Loose Change narrative, without the high-tech deus ex machina Loose Change employs nor the actual loss of life. Whoever made this video believes that most of what we saw on the news relating to Newtown to be the work of actors. (Operating on the assumption that it is literally impossible for a parent who has lost their child to crack a smile, he goes on to ‘prove’ that it is unthinkable they are anything but actors — bad ones, apparently.)

Aside from this strange line of reasoning, he relies on the same stuff Loose Change relied on, the fodder for all modern-day conspiracy theorists: the unreliability of breaking news. Information is sparse but the need for new bits of information are so necessary to the enterprise of 24-hour news-making that unsubstantiated bits of information get reported only to be retracted later. For the conspiratorially-minded, however, this is just evidence of the Real Sequence of Events being suppressed by a massive government-media conspiracy once, I suppose, it has gotten its shit together. 

While I find this sort of conspiracy peddling repellant, I at least somewhat admire these people’s effort to consider who can benefit politically from tragedies. As anyone who spent their formative years under the Bush administration knows, Washington’s ability to manipulate the press into helping it achieve its goals is astonishing. The problem with Loose Change — aside from the obvious — is that by focusing on the way that the Bush administration might go about making 9/11 happen in order to achieve its political goals, it ignored the fact that the administration was using 9/11 to achieve its political goals anyway. 

So the effort modern-day conspiracy theorists put into questioning the news is, I suppose, a worthwhile endeavor. Their biggest problem is, ironically, that they trust the goddam news too much! They see b-roll of a crime scene and assume that this is literally what is happening at Sandy Hook elementary at the very moment it airs. They see a reporter say one thing that goes against the Official Narrative in the early hours following a tragic event, when law enforcement might have reason to hold back on certain details, and assume what they see is absolutely true — it was on TV! — and proves that their TV is constantly lying to them.

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