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Messy Marv, J-Diggs “211 On a Industry Ni**a”

I’m sure you remember 50 Cent’s “How to Rob" and Biggie’s "Dreams of Fucking an R&B Chick", two mixtape tracks that helped talented up-and-coming rappers make a name for themselves by playfully insulting lots of famous people. A good strategy, back then. Now there’s Twitter and it’s pretty hard to stand out as a shit talker.

Unless, of course, you’re a pair of washed-up Bay Area rappers! Messy Marv, arguably the saddest human being alive, and J-Diggs, a man whose talent is overshadowed by how shamelessly he has exploited his relationship with the late great Mac Dre, decided to do a conceptual ‘mash-up’, if you will, of 50 Cent and Biggie’s famous songs. Like Biggie’s song, this song is about famous women, and like 50 Cent’s song, they all get robbed.

Note that Messy Marv, who employs a scorched earth policy with all his relationships because he deeply loathes what he has become and lacks the emotional tools to deal with it, makes sure to insult Lil B, his partner-in-crime on “Hannah Montana" (which rules).

This is nothing if not a distillation of all of Bay Area rap’s best and worst qualities, filtered and pressed into one totally offensive but undeniably hilarious song. It might sound wrong, but this song about robbing famous women makes me remember why I loved Bay Area rap so much.

H/T Thomas @ 100 Grand on My Wrist.

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